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Date: Thursday, September 11, 2014

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EcoFarm’s Sugar Cane Estate Development works with 1,150 farmers owning 50% of the sugarcane estate and hopes to create 1,000 jobs. The project wishes to add US$1.2 million of disposable income for the area.

Grant Recipient: EcoFarm
Location: Chemba, Mozambique
Grant Amount: US$ 797,000
Investment Size: US$ 46,800,000

EcoFarm is the Ecological Farming Association based in Mozambique. The Association nurtures healthy and just farms, food systems, communities and environment by bringing people together for education, alliance building and advocacy. EcoFarm plans to develop a sugar cane estate in the right bank of the Zambezi River near the town of Chemba in the Sofala Province of Mozambique.

The company plans to work with three cooperatives that will be established to have “land-use rights” to 50% of the irrigated land. The sugar cane will be marketed through EcoFarm which will manage the harvesting, planting, haulage, fertilization and other mechanical operations from their own workshops to ensure that economies of scale ca be achieved for all role-players.

The AFT’s support will allow EcoFarm to undergo an environmental and social impact assessment.